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Re: Live recording

On 07/28/17 23:16, Rodolfo Medina wrote:
What I want to do is recording live piano: I'd like to use two mics
for that, one on the grave and the other one on the high notes.

Using microphones well is a fine art/ black art.  Here are some articles
related to miking pianos:





What kind of piano?

What makes and models of microphones do you have?

Besides, some times I will need to add human voice: this requires, in
my idea, a third microphone...

Now you're talking multi-track recording and/or mixing.

But even starting with two would be all right for now...  Those
recordings would not pretend to be professional, just home made for
my personal tests, but stereo.

Why stereo? Stereophonic provides a left/right positional sound field with direct sound and environmental cues to stimulate the listener. Wide bandwidth is "high fidelity"; a good monophonic recording and full-range loudspeaker can do this.

I must say that the experiments I did with the above rude
arrangement, i.e. two mics in common Y splitter, inserted into `mic'
PC entry, are not so bad...

An inexpensive computer microphone (e.g. SoundBlaster) plugged into a PC
should have a good bang/buck ratio.

A step up using a PC would be an audio interface device:


plus some microphones:


Another option is a purpose-built recording device:


It's just a matter of time, money, and expectations.  A lot of this
stuff can be bought used for a fraction of the new price.