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samba config


Maybe a minor samba config problem but searches only show up some very old stuff and that doesn't appear to rectify the problem.

Once, again, Debian Stretch with samba installed. All I need is to access a few files on Stretch from a win7 box, and that works. What I can't get to work is the smbclient command to view the status of shares on Stretch. smbclient -L localhost results in a password request, then entered, and the result is invariably this:

smbclient -L localhost
Enter tjm2's password:

Connection to localhost failed (Error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL)

I've tried different users and root with the same result. Tried adjusting the routing tables and using actual ip instead of localhost, also with no improvement.

I'm overlooking something, but it's not clear to what that is. Like I said, the connection between boxes works just fine with no problems.