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Stretch: FontAwesome not properly installed / not working?


I've got the following issue:
When I visit the font-awesome cheat sheet [1] and copy-paste a character
(like , or  fa-envelope []) into gnome-shell or into another
program, e.g. gedit, or thunderbird, it shows up as another character or
the box with the hexvalues in them.

When I use gnome-font-viewer, I do see fontawesome installed and I can
view symbols.
When I use charmap I also see it there.

I've got fontawesome installed (I even re-installed it after the
upgrade) and updated fc-cache

$ apt list fonts-font-awesome
Listing... Done
fonts-font-awesome/stable,now 4.7.0~dfsg-1 all [installed]

$ fc-list FontAwesome

What could be the issue?
$ xlsfonts | grep -i awesome
doesn't show it, but neither does it show another installed font
(RobotoMono) that works in gedit and gnome-shell.

What else could I check?


[1] http://fontawesome.io/cheatsheet/

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