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Resolved [was Re: Stretch--no network interfaces]

On Sun, Jun 18, 2017 at 08:54:46PM +0200, Christian Seiler wrote:
> On 06/18/2017 08:25 PM, pplaw wrote:
> > The network I'm on at the moment hands out DHCP addresses.  But, sometimes,
> > I'll hard-code the IP address for the computer (with ifconfig:  ifconfig 
> > (eth0--but in this case) enx687f74158a8a 10.x.x.x netmask;
> > route add default gw 10.x.x.x).  Since this is a new install of Stretch,
> > I haven't been able to download the ifconfig package; and if I type ifup
> > enx687f74158a8a (or for my wireless card, wlp1s0), I get:  "unknown in-
> > terface.
> In the Debian release notes there's a section about the fact that
> ifconfig has been deprecated for well over a decade now, and is not
> included in new installs anymore starting with Stretch:
> https://www.debian.org/releases/stretch/amd64/release-notes/ch-information.en.html#iproute2
> If you want to temporarily add an IP to a given interface, you can
> use the 'ip' utility (this also works in older Debian versions):
> ip link set $DEVICE up
> ip addr add 10.x.x.x/24 dev $DEVICE
> ip route add default via 10.x.x.y
> The question why 'ifup' doesn't work in your case: 'ifup' is only
> a tool that is used in conjunction with /etc/network/interfaces
> (or /etc/network/interfaces.d/*). So in order for ifup to work,
> you need to create an entry in /etc/network/interfaces for your
> network interface, for example:
> auto enx687f74158a8a
> iface enx687f74158a8a inet static
>    address 10.x.x.x/24
>    gateway 10.x.x.y
> And then you can do 'ifup enx687f74158a8a'. (And in that case
> the interface will also be configured when the system is rebooted.)
> (The 'ifup' part is also the same in older Debian versions.)
> Regards,
> Christian

Interesting info, which;

proves quite successful;

shows I've been out of step for a long time; and

deserves to be set in gold (see #1, id.).

Thank you, Christian!