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Re: Stretch release today - How are you upgrading?

From: nemommxiv@xxxxxxxxx

> So, you WANT problems? Install Unstable. Or Windows 10. ;-)

I have a machine running unstable and it has proved 100.1% reliable
for me, and it is dedicated to be a test bed for anything I want to try
on my work machine.  It is also a home theater and chess crunching.
I updated it a few days ago and think of switching it to testing for a while.

> On my custom (now 5 years old) Wheezy/Openbox install with LXpanel,
>three virtual terminals and xfe filemanager compared to a typical LXDE
>environment similarly config"d, there was a BIG difference in RAM
>usage. Response was noticably slower, too, but not to the point of
>being too annoying. Like menus took a split second longer to pop up.

It has been a while, I will check it again.  LXtask takes some resources in itself 
So does screencatcher to compare snapshots or process and resources.

> FYI: When you replied to my original post, your mail client failed to
> quote properly or at all. Check to see if quoting is turned on.

This is a webmail only mail system I use and it has a graphic quoting system
that either the list does not transmit or some mail readers don\t recognize.
I have apologized before and I am doing it again, but it is hard to enter
brackets manually .... although I did it for the few lines above.  Some people
get it and some don't, so intentionally I have responded to all so you can
compare the direct reply.