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Re: Stretch release today - How are you upgrading?

On Sun, 18 Jun 2017 06:58:43 -0400 Fungi4All <fungilife@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> From: nemommxiv@xxxxxxxxx
> I"m going to wait about a week to 10 days after Stretch"s release
> as Stable before installing while checking this list for any problems.
> If all proves well, then clean, dual-boot install.
> So you fear something may break and in a week of 10 days there will
> be a new installer, Debian9.1 or do you feel that all of us running
> stretch for a long while we are full of problems and the stable
> release will fix them?

No.  I don't expect any major problems, but it's the little gotchas that
get ya'.  Particularly since I'm going to be doing a customized,
"non-standard" install.

I've been running several installs of Stretch FC3 (duly dist-upgraded)
in VirtualBox for testing.  No problems so far: installing, switching to
new inits, dist-upgrades, etc.  I just want to check out what's
happening with everyone else, etc.  

> I just did an update and nothing has changed since yesterday, and I am
> so bored I am switching to testing, Enough with this stable stuff :)

So, you WANT problems?  Install Unstable. Or Windows 10. ;-)

> I"ll start with a terminal-only system and build up to X and a window
> manager only (Openbox) set up. I like my systems lean and mean with as
> little cruft as possible. Full GUI environments are a waste of CPU
> cycles as far as I"m concerned, I don"t care how "cool" they look.
> When I added a task/app bar and a filemanager on openbox the resource
> use was not that far off lxde, which surprised me a bit.

On my custom (now 5 years old) Wheezy/Openbox install with LXpanel,
three virtual terminals and xfe filemanager compared to a typical LXDE
environment similarly config'd, there was a BIG difference in RAM
usage.  Response was noticably slower, too, but not to the point of
being too annoying. Like menus took a split second longer to pop up.

FYI: When you replied to my original post, your mail client failed to
quote properly or at all.  Check to see if quoting is turned on.