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Re: testing: odd? upgrade today for gnutls-bin to unstable version

Jimmy Johnson wrote:
> On 06/18/2017 03:38 AM, songbird wrote:
>>   i have my preferences set in /etc/apt/apt.conf
>> to select testing as the default, but it still
>> grabbed the unstable version.
> My guess is you have some packages installed from Sid that are not in 
> Buster/testing. On my Sid/testing systems there are a little over 100 
> packages installed from Sid/unstable that are not in testing, I'm 
> cleaning those up so I can get a clean start on testing Buster, of 
> course I will still have Sid/testing too.

  not intentionally done.  i try to keep things testing
only, but somewhere i may have slipped up and nudged
an unstable version in trying to work around a bug or

  it won't happen for now on until i have some other
issue come up to fiddle with.  :)  it being garden 
season i'm not wanting to be all that finicky.