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Re: Stretch release today - How are you upgrading?

On 06/18/2017 06:58 AM, Fungi4All wrote:
> From: nemommxiv@xxxxxxxxx
>> I"m going to wait about a week to 10 days after Stretch"s release
>> as Stable before installing while checking this list for any problems.
>> If all proves well, then clean, dual-boot install.
> So you fear something may break and in a week of 10 days there will
> be a new installer, Debian9.1 or do you feel that all of us running stretch > for a long while we are full of problems and the stable release will fix them?
> I just did an update and nothing has changed since yesterday, and I am
> so bored I am switching to testing,  Enough with this stable stuff :)

(Forgive while I cut in here.) They released yesterday. I updated the rc4 install I had in a VM last night while they were working on pushing the release out and only 14 packages needed updating since last week (when I updated last). Then I ran a script that went in and downloaded more packages, set up configurations, etc. for stuff I want to use. All went well. No problems. So I think that those worried about updating may be OK, generally.

There WAS talk about an unsolved problem with KVM on i915 systems (still) not starting X and showing "permission denied" (as far as I can tell, it looks to be some kind of kernel issue with that chip). But another tester on an i386 machine with that same chip had no issues. YMMV.

I think it's safe to say the installer also is OK now. I'll find out in a couple days (when I get done writing my script and fine-tuning it and getting some other stuff done in the virtual machine. I'm still getting ready for the Big Install on my two laptops). But rc4 did pretty well (if using a bootable USB. Had some issues with DVD install but it might have be the DVD player or the DVD burn).

>> I"ll start with a terminal-only system and build up to X and a window
>> manager only (Openbox) set up. I like my systems lean and mean with as
>> little cruft as possible. Full GUI environments are a waste of CPU
>> cycles as far as I"m concerned, I don"t care how "cool" they look.
> When I added a task/app bar and a filemanager on openbox the resource use
> was not that far off lxde, which surprised me a bit.
>> Good luck with your install.
>> B

I'm going to be quite curious about how my laptops handle KDE again. I had went to XFCE because the fans were always going but that was before I discovered I needed to install tlp. So I'm bouncing between deciding whether to install both XFCE and KDE or just KDE. I grown accustomed to XFCE but I like a lot of the features in KDE. I might put both on and use XFCE in instances where KDE is keeping the fans on too much (ie. high processing things like audio and video, 3d, etc. or games).