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Re: Stretch release today - How are you upgrading?

RavenLX wrote:
> My question is, how are people upgrading? This will give me some 
> inspiration.

  i'm doing nothing much as i just leave everything
set to testing and follow along as it happens 
(carefully at times :) ).  my other partition which
is a backup is delayed by a few weeks/months so i
will see how the next few weeks go and if everything
seems to be coming along ok i'll update that.

  in the meantime my stats for packages that have
had updates (which i've used) for:


me@antro(17)/meb/debian$ ls jessie/*.deb | wc -l

vs. stretch:

me@antro(18)/meb/debian$ ls stretch/*.deb | wc -l

  i've now set up buster to track all new 

> Also how is everyone celebrating the release? Parties? Just staying 
> home? Me, I'm staying home. No parties that I know of in the area.

  saying Kudoes! to everyone involved.  :)