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Re: Stretch release today - How are you upgrading?

On 06/17/2017 12:49 PM, RavenLX wrote:
On 06/17/2017 12:27 PM, Matthew McKinnon wrote:
On Sat, Jun 17, 2017 at 09:17:22AM -0400, RavenLX wrote:
Anyone know of any "online" release parties?

You can join them in IRC and idle and follow what is happening with the release

Server: irc.debian.org
Channles #debian-release, #debian-ftp, #debian-cd

The teams are currently testing the CD/DVD Builds. amd64 Built and tested. Curretly testing i386.

You can also follow https://micronews.debian.org/ for updates on each stage.


Awesome, Matthew! Thanks! I am not doing too well this afternoon it
seems like so I don't think I'll be in IRC today. I rather just follow
the newsfeed but it's nice to see there are online sources for those who
want to join the party. :)

BTW, please forgive, as I seemed to have sent this directly to your email and forgot to hit "reply list" instead. Still learning this thing.