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3G-Internet-band width - load balancing not working proper in Stretch


I'm using Stretch for a long time now on an amd64-PC together with a
3G-Internet-Modem-Stick. The behaviour how Stretch handles the band
width and does load balancing between different applications is simply
disastrous! For example: if I download large updates per "apt" it is
not possible to open-up/load any site in "firefox"; just at the moment,
when "apt" switches from one download to the other, than the page in
"firefox" begins to load (as slow as if I had an ancient
56k dial-up-modem...). Also Stretch does not tap the full potential
of the 3G-Modem's speed I guess - and this is not a provider-thing!

With the same PC and another Linux-distribution all this does not
happen, so this is obviously Stretch-related! By the way: it also worked
fine in Jessie... - so maybe it's a Debian-related "systemd-thing"?

Due to the fact that Stretch comes out as "stable-version" within the
next days (after almost doubled developing-time of two years), isn't
that something to think about...?