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Stretch release today - How are you upgrading?

Today (Sunday June 17, 2017) seems to be the day they are going to "officially" release Stretch! I never did get my laptops upgraded as I'm creating an installation script to run post-install to install and configure applications, utilities, services, etc. that I normally use.

My question is, how are people upgrading? This will give me some inspiration.

My plan is to wipe the hard drive of the target machine and then install a fresh version of Stretch which I will have made a Bootable USB stick from. I'll only be using the Freeware non-free install because one laptop needs those drivers in order for WiFi to work. Then it'll get the rest of it from the 'net. After installing, I'll reboot and then run my installer script, reboot and then configure the menus, widgets (going KDE here), etc. and bring my data over from backups. To me for my situation this is the easiest for me. Then I'll go wipe my main laptop and do the same. Finally, I'll create a virtual machine in VirtualBox, do the same there except without the apps, etc. I'll just configure what I need to and export and back up the machine so I have something for testing my own stuff.

Today I think I'll work on my little installer script. Been not well lately so I haven't done much work on it.

Anyone have other ideas, suggestions, or anything I should also do, let me know.

Oh yeah, and I do plan to do the following right after installing Debian 9 itself (apt-clean helps me save space on the smaller laptop HD):

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get autoremove
sudo apt-get clean

Also how is everyone celebrating the release? Parties? Just staying home? Me, I'm staying home. No parties that I know of in the area.

Anyone know of any "online" release parties?