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[SOLVED] Re: Email Problem

On 06/16/2017 05:37 PM, Michael Milliman wrote:
> Hey, folks, I've got a little problem with the email on my system.  I'm
> running debian/Sid, but the issue has been going on for quite some time
> even when I was running straight Jessie.  I'm sure it's a configuration
> thing, I'm just not sure where to fix it. Here's the deal:
> When I'm in Firefox browser and press the share by email button on
> various web sites, the email client that pops up is always mutt (which
> perhaps I should just un-install as I never use it).  Mutt tries to go
> through Exim to send the email, and I don't have Exim set up for
> internet access (another issue that is on the to-do list for another
> day).  What I would much rather have happen is that the email client
> that pops up be Thunderbird, which I use exclusively for all my email
> stuff.  Where is the setting that will change this behavior? I've looked
> through all the alternatives, and they seem to be set correctly, but it
> is entirely possible that I missed on.
Yep...I missed something.  Of course it is the obvious!!  I finally
thought to check the preferences in Firefox, and sure enough it was set
for mutt (the default).  I changed it to Thunderbird, and everything is
just peachy.

Why is it we always miss what is blatantly obvious??

> As always, thanks for any help in advance.

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