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Re: Why does no one care that Brad Spengler of GRSecurity is blatantly violating the intention of the rightsholders to the Linux Kernel?

On Thu, 15 Jun 2017 22:38:07 +0200, deloptes wrote:

> The story behind is really interesting and pretty long. I read about the
> conflict perhaps 1/2y ago. Some of the accusations by GRSec make sense,
> however they do not justify their policy.
> In fact this is the best proof (IMO) how decentralized and open
> idea/project/work etc fails. It fails on both ends the Linux and the
> GRSec end because the first is not motivated to do good and the second
> to do good for free it fails badly.
> I do however think GRSec are wrong as the OP states, they clearly
> violate the license agreements.
> IMO everyone in the linux community should know the background of that
> story same as the background of systemd ... but there is sooo much to
> know
> regards

deloptes, do you have a link to systemd background information, please?