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Re: Why does no one care that Brad Spengler of GRSecurity is blatantly violating the intention of the rightsholders to the Linux Kernel?

Michael Fothergill wrote:

> But you have beaten me to the punch in a subtle way which I am both
> impressed and humbled by.

I assume there are other similar stories, but I don't know much of them -
time is precious nowdays. However systemd was inevitable and revealed a an
interesting story. Some time later I read this GRSec story... and I had a
feeling it's getting repetitive also in some extent Gnome, KDE, OpenOffice
and LibreOffice, GTK3 ... to just give some other examples. I think this
reflects the trends in our society ... and too many demanding political
correctness being not able to accept that there are people who don't give a
sh*t, but are worth working with. So both sides are becoming a victim of
their own ego.