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Re: Installing Stretch/Testing with absolute minimal bandwith useage

On 06/15/2017 11:19 AM, songbird wrote:
Richard Owlett wrote:
I am running Stretch that was fully updated/upgraded less than a week
ago. I have the flash drive used to do the original install of Stretch.
I have not _intentionally_ purged any files from cache.

I wish to install Stretch on two additional machines. I am near my
internet data cap and wish to make *ABSOLUTE MINIMAL* usage of available

The purpose of this is to test the _installation process_ itself. That
eliminates anything resembling cloning. A secondary benefit will be
learning more about how Debian does things.


  you have already downloaded the files and they
are in the cache, i see no reason why they could not
be reused.

  have you looked at fai?  (fai-doc, fai-client, fai-server, etc.)

Not in the last 12 to 18 months. For what I was doing *THEN* I found using preseed.cfg "better". It may be time for another look. It would not be something I would typically use. This thread arose out of a one-time-only desire to test a specific installer on machines of multiple vintages.