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Re: apt-cacher-ng related program and package suggestion

On Thu 15 Jun 2017 at 16:44:27 (+0200), tuxderlinuxfuchs77@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Thanks for the tips. Like I said, I'd prefer a program that does all
> this in the background by calling one simple command

Sure. You're free to commission one from a C/C++ programmer.
We're just illustrating that the community doesn't see any
need (IMO) to "make it happen". The tools are already around
for scripting it.

I can see a reason to run apt-cacher-ng at home if you watch
broadcast TV and your ISP makes that assumption for their

But I can't see the point in your running apt-cacher-ng at a
university. Surely they run a university-wide caching system.
Or are you saying that you have a poor link to the university's
central servers—wireless perhaps? If so, the same applies: that
poor link is far more influential on interactive web browsing,
for example, than downloading debs, which occurs mainly in
the background. So a squid-style solution would be more beneficial.

What might be useful for package administration at work is to
put a line like:

apt-get -qq update && apt-get -qq -d upgrade && find /var/cache/apt/archives/ -name '*deb'

in root's or the system's crontab (that's my way), or
configure one of the unattended upgrade packages to
download debs periodically. The line above will send
an email whenever there are packages for you to upgrade
(after inspection; I don't trust automating that step).
No more watching stuttering downloads.