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Re: apt-cacher-ng related program and package suggestion

> Simple workaround for now:
> /etc/apt/sources.list:
> ----
> deb http://site1.ip.address/debian jessie-backports main
> #deb http://site2.ip.address/debian jessie-backports main
> ----
> Now just change the comment from one to the other, run apt-get
> update and go.
> Second workaround, if you have lots of entries to be switched:
> create two sources.list files, named home.list and uni.list.
> When you move from place to place, copy the appropriate one 
> in to /etc/apt/sources.list and run apt-get update.
> -dsr-
Its even easier than that.  Don't mess with the .list files just change  the file


according to the login.

The contents of that file is just the address/port of the apt-cacher-ng server.

Acquire::http::Proxy "";;

Just write a script to check what network you are on.  Like ping the
apt-cacher-ng server(s) until a response is sent and set 
/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/000apt-cacher-ng-proxy accordingly.

Try the following line with your own existing and non existing ips.

for f in; do if ping -c3 $f; then echo $f
yes;else echo $f no;fi; done