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Re: apt-cacher-ng related program and package suggestion

Le 15/06/2017 à 04:51, Andy Smith a écrit :
> Hello,
> On Wed, Jun 14, 2017 at 09:57:50PM +0200, tuxderlinuxfuchs77@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> apt-cacher-switch add <Host1_Name> <http://<IP1>:<PORT1>>
>> apt-cacher-switch add <Host2_Name> <http://<IP2>:<PORT2>>
>> Then at university:
>> apt-cacher-switch enable <Host1_Name>
>> At home:
>> apt-cacher-switch enable <Host2_Name>
>> In an environment where no cacher is on the network
>> apt-cacher-switch disable
> Seems like it would be easier to install squid-deb-proxy-client on
> each client machine. This listens for Avahi announcements of
> _apt_proxy._tcp to choose a proxy.
> Normally your server(s) would run package squid-deb-proxy (an
> install of squid customised for caching Debian packages) which takes
> care of announcing its presence over Avahi, but you can make your
> own announcements that point at your own installs of apt-cacher-ng
> if you like.
> If nothing is being announced then squid-deb-proxy-client goes
> direct to Debian mirrors.
> That way this all works without having to run any commands on the
> client depending on where the client machine is located.
> One downside is that if a broken proxy announces itself then your
> clients will use it, i.e. you don't have any control over whether
> the proxy is used or not.
> Cheers,
> Andy

Another solution whichi does not depend of the server software (squid or
apt-cacher-ng) is to use this directive on the client:

I could not find a good example in English, but here is one in French.
Obviously, man 5 apt.conf also explains it.


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