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Re: Re: Please help me resize my ext4 file system to size > 16TB

>   I am just looking for path of least resistance. That is why I asked if it

That would be organizing your videos into N subdirectories and using new
filesystems for some of those.  Each single filesystem will be smaller
than 16TB.

If that works with your use case, you could do that now.

Thanks. In that case, is mke2fs -O 64bit is enough? Or do I need a bunch of other options to go with it like extent, extra_isize, etc. Can you tell me why xfs is better? Is it as stable as ext4? Will I be able to add dmcache or something similar as I create the new fs with xfs?

I have about 14TB over 4 disks. I will backup on to them and recreate a newfs and copy them back. I do not like the downtime as that means my DVR does not work for 4 days, at least, as copying will have to be over usb3.