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Re: Debian installer not finding free space

On Tue 13 Jun 2017 at 11:01:10 (-0500), David DLC wrote:

> I have Windows 10 running on my computer currently.

Have you reconciled "I have shrunk the main C drive by 25 gbs"
and the 40GB of unallocated space?

> I will attempt to combine 2 of the existing partitions.

Not a very useful statement unless you reveal which two partitions
you're talking about. I can't see any obvious candidates.

> I am not familiar
> with any steps for this, so if anyone has tips on deleting and recreating
> partitions, that would be great.

Not in a windows context. Why not use windows to create a partition in
the 40G space and, say, FAT format it. Then see if the Debian installer
can see it, now that you know what you're looking for. (If you put
files into it, the d-i should be able to mount it and see the files.)

> Also, I am unsure what the "disk 1" drive
> is. It seems to be 8 gb of free space, not doing anything. Should I just
> delete that?

Acting hastily is a recipe for disaster. When you're using
partitioning tools, you should never act without knowing exactly
what your actions are acting on.

One has to ask, do you have an 8GB stick plugged in? An SD card?
And this "Disk Management" program; can it not give you more
information? What's the significance of the diagonal stripes?