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Re: Debian startup/booting help

Le lun. 12 juin 2017 21:01:51 CEST
"tomas@xxxxxxxxxx" <tomas@xxxxxxxxxx> a écrit:

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> On Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 04:29:27PM -0400, DJ VIN Lom wrote:
> > Is there a way to edit a script so when my raspberry pi2 running raspian
> > jessie can automaticly go into a set directory so when it auto logs in its
> > in a certain directory
> Hm. I'm not sure I understand. The "raspberry pi2" "being in a directory"
> doesn't make sense like that. A running process has a current directory,
> e.g. a shell, or something like that. But there are many running processes
> in an operating system running on the pi.
> What exactly are you trying to achieve? Please describe a bit more, so
> we can get an idea.
> Cheers
> - -- tomás
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I suppose he wants his user to be in a certain directory after login. 

This can be done by adding a line with a cd command in user's .profile. 

Or maybe by changing user's home directory, that should work too. 


P.S. Sorry for the top post the first time