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Re: How to migrate from sid to stable?

Pétùr wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have a computer which does not need anymore to be running the unstable
> version. I would like to migrate it to stable at some point.
> If I backup the home and rsync it on a new installation of Debian
> stable, I will have problems with the downgrade of softwares settings.
> I am not in a hurry and could slowly migrate to stable. But I am not
> sure changing the repositories to stable and wait with no update during
> a while is a good idea.
> I could not think of a proper (and somehow automatic) way to do this. Is
> there one?

  i think the easiest way to do this is to
make a new install of stable and not do any
rsync of the home at all.  instead back up 
the old home directory and the various dot 
files and then only do manual comparisons 
between versions so that i'm only working 
with stable versions of files.

  in many cases you may not have to change

  another approach would be to create a new
user and then if you do make a rsync copy of
the original you can compare the one home
against the other to see what is different.