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Re: How to rename my wired connection from 'eno1' to 'eth0'?

On 13-06-17, Sharon Kimble wrote:
> Due to a hard-drive failure I've had to install Debian 9 and I've got a
> peculiar problem.
> My wired connection is showing as 'eno1' instead of the unexpected
> 'eth0', which means that my 'vnstat' is failing to record my network
> traffic. So how do I change its name please? I've googled but haven't
> found any workable solution for the problem.
> Thanks
> Sharon.
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Look down under "I don't like this, how do I disable this?"

Also, this http://www.itzgeek.com/how-tos/mini-howtos/change-default-network-name-ens33-to-old-eth0-on-ubuntu-16-04.html