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Re: How to migrate from sid to stable?

UTC Time: June 13, 2017 10:05 AM
From: peturvilj@xxxxxxxxx

Hi everyone,

I have a computer which does not need anymore to be running the unstable
version. I would like to migrate it to stable at some point.

If I backup the home and rsync it on a new installation of Debian
stable, I will have problems with the downgrade of softwares settings.

1  Switch your repos to stretch  (stable any minute now) and progressively
it may catch up.  With synaptic on the preferences you can force it to
prefer stretch over anything else.  Officially it should not be done, but at this
point and instance sid is not far from stretch due to the long freeze.
Eventually when stretch's version of the package exceeds that of your
current system it will upgrade.  In a few months you will probably be
all stretch'ed out and stable!
You can install stretch's linux-kernel alongside with the sid's and boot from
both and run all packages you have essential to your work.  Either leave
them both (but higher will be the default) or after you see that everything
works with 4.9 delete the 4.10
Don't forget to add again the security.debian.org repository which does
not exist in sid.

I am not in a hurry and could slowly migrate to stable. But I am not
sure changing the repositories to stable and wait with no update during
a while is a good idea.

The default is that it only upgrades to a package with a higher version
number.  If your system is running fine there should be no need to 
reinstall stretch.  Now Jessie is a different animal.

I could not think of a proper (and somehow automatic) way to do this. Is
there one?

Proper no, official no, but trust me it works but hurry up before stretch
becomes stable as there would be two systems away from sid.