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Re: How to migrate from sid to stable?

Am Dienstag, 13. Juni 2017, 12:05:19 CEST schrieb Pétùr:
Hi Petur, 

this is not an easy task! The way, I would do means a lot of manual work to do 
and to be courious. And maybe you will wait for the 17th of June, then testing 
will be stable!!!

Take care of having an image of the drive available so you can change back, if 
something does not work!


1. So first of all edit sources.list to the stable repo.

2. Do aptitude clean, then start aptitude (ncurses) and do an update.

3. Now go through all the packages, and set the version to the version in 

4. After you have finished all the settings, reinstall the packages. It will 

5. Recheck, if everything was downgraded. I suppose, you will need several 


Second idea:

1. Make a copy of the complete filesystem  to another drive. Must be ext2 or 

2. Read/Get actually installed package list by using: 
dpkg --get-selections "*" >mypackagelist.txt
Save this file on an external drive.

3. Install debian/stable new.

4. get and install packagelist of old system from "mypackagelist.txt"
dselect update
dpkg --set-selections <mypackagelist.txt
apt-get -u dselect-upgrade

5. copy necessary files from backup of old system from "/etc" to new installed 
system "/etc". Use rsync,, so permissions are kept!

6. I suppose, some finetuning has to be done.

7. Create users in the same manner as on the old system and rsync /home from 
old to new system. Check ownerships!

As I said, it is not an easy task! These are two ways, I would do it. Maybe 
there are other ways, but downgrade a whole system ist not often documented in 
the web. 

And thius descriptions above are mor my personal ideas!

Good luck!


> Hi everyone,
> I have a computer which does not need anymore to be running the unstable
> version. I would like to migrate it to stable at some point.
> If I backup the home and rsync it on a new installation of Debian
> stable, I will have problems with the downgrade of softwares settings.
> I am not in a hurry and could slowly migrate to stable. But I am not
> sure changing the repositories to stable and wait with no update during
> a while is a good idea.
> I could not think of a proper (and somehow automatic) way to do this. Is
> there one?
> Pétùr