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Re: Debian installer not finding free space

UTC Time: June 13, 2017 5:16 AM
From: drvrddc@xxxxxxxxx

I have 40 gb unallocated on my C drive currently. When I start up the installer and get to the disk partitioning section, it cannot find the free space in the "guided" section. Am I doing something wrong with the disk management?

I took a screenshot of my disk management program to show you guys:

May I ask what version of windows is it that has terrorized your disk?
In a different discussion I brought up the subject (in reference to win10
being intentinally hostile to other cohabitating systems with uefi/boot protect)
and this is why I am asking.

If you are careful enough, using a live linux USBstick, take the last large partition
and use it to store images (zipped) of the small partitions.  Then delete the ones
you have made images of.  Then in the left over space create an extended 
partition and recreate those that were deleted.  Then restore the images in them.
Then create as many partitions you need for linux in the left over.
I have no experience with any windows past 7 and how it recognizes extended
partitions or identifies them.  Utilizing dd if=/dev/sd** bzip2 >part** you can safely
recreate any partition.  The larger the longer it takes.  I am not even sure whether
or not all those recovery partitions are wanted or necessary since you can create
recovery disks in external mediums whenever you like.  Recovery is only for fixing
your system returning it to a previous state, none of your data will be recovered
if lost (win).

It is a timely lengthy process but it is the only option you have to a second hd.
If you go the second way then move and expand your last partitions to utilize
the free space in your work area partition.

What a mesh!  If this setup is OEM (which is weird for not taking up the whole
disk) it is a definite move to prevent a seconf operating system within the
same disk, which further undermines the intelligence of the customer (sw & hw).