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Re: Please help me resize my ext4 file system to size > 16TB

On Mon, 12 Jun 2017, R. Ramesh wrote:
> >You implied you don't even have a backup of that data, which means you
> >have exactly one chance of getting it right.  This is a non-starter.


>   Let us not worry about backup. The data is just videos and not worth the
> effort. They are all recreatable with some effort. So, it is ok to try


>   I am just looking for path of least resistance. That is why I asked if it

That would be organizing your videos into N subdirectories and using new
filesystems for some of those.  Each single filesystem will be smaller
than 16TB.

If that works with your use case, you could do that now.

> possible to resize without any upgrade. I will eventually upgrade and
> eventually figure out something. I just need to hear that there isn't a
> simple solution I have overlooked *today*. That is all.

There are two that I know of, and the safe one is using several
filesystems and mounting them normally as subdirectories.  The other one
would be using an overlay filesystem, but the very large size you need
*is* going to get in the way of that.

  Henrique Holschuh