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Re: Debian installer not finding free space

David DLC wrote:
> [...]
> I have 40 gb unallocated on my C drive currently. When I start up the
> installer and get to the disk partitioning section, it cannot find the
> free space in the "guided" section. Am I doing something wrong with
> the disk management?

If it's MBR partitioned, you're already using up your four (4)
partitions (OS (C:\) ; Recovery(400MB); RECOVERY (D:\); Recovery
(800MB); and I'm not 100% sure if the EFI partition counts against you

You would need to remove some of those partitions, and set up an extended
partition container in order to create logical partitions which you can
then install Debian to.

Though, since you already have four (five if we count the EFI
partition), perhaps the drive is already GPT partitioned ... 

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