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Re: Printer Setup Problem

On Mon 12 Jun 2017 at 10:36:56 -0400, Thomas George wrote:

> Two computers, an old pc with Debian Stretch and a new Raspberry Pi with the
> raspbian jessie operating system.
> The old pc prints to a lan printer with no problem. The lpstat -t shows the
> identical set up on the Raspberry Pi but a command lp test.txt results in no
> printer output although the cups log shows the job as completed.

What do you mean by "cups log"?
> I have attached a script of the output of lpstat -t on the Raspberry Pi. The
> output of this command on the old pc is absolutely identical except for the
> dates and times.

lpstat shows the status of cups. It says nothing about how the job
progressed through the filtering system.
> Where should I look to fix this? 


The wiki explains how to get the smallest possible error_log. Obtain
one for each of the "old" and "new" machines using

  lp /etc/nsswitch

They will compress to a tenth of their sizes with gzip or xz. Post the
two compressed logs here.