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Re: Trying to install Debian on Acer One 10 laptop-tablet

"Thomas Schmitt" <scdbackup@xxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi,
> Rodolfo Medina wrote:
>> I downloaded Knoppix and burned it onto DVD support, but unfortunately
>> it seems no possible to boot the machine from DVD: no such
>> option in start up boot menu.
> If it's Knoppix 7, then it will only boot via BIOS or EFI Legacy BIOS
> Emulation.
> Knoppix 8 has boot entries for EFI. But it seems still only available
> on the german Linux Magazin DVD for DELUG members.
> The symptoms described in this thread appear to happen already when GRUB
> is still in control and offers its boot menu. Or did i get this wrong ?

Thanks.  I'm not expert enough to tell if you are right.  The symptoms I
described already and here they are again:

With USB Debian installation pendrive plugged in, pressing power button
together with volume up takes me into the front page of the PC settings: there

 ->Boot Manager
 ->Device Manager
 ->Boot From File
 ->Administer Secure Boot
 ->Setup Utility

I enter `Boot Manager', and there are two possible options:

 Windows Boot Manager
 EFI USB Device (General UDisk)

I choose the second and here I am in Debian installation menu.  There is:

 64 bit install
 Graphical install
 64 bit graphical install
 Advanced options ...
 Install with speech synnthesis
 64 bit speech install

I tried with both Install and `64 bit install', and also, now, with `64 bit
graphical install'; and, in all those cases, what happens is that the image
becomes confused and the keyboard sticks and no command is more possible.

> If it happens in GRUB, then Knoppix 8 would be a highly interesting
> alternative. Unlike nearly all other distros it does not use GRUB for EFI
> booting but rather offers an EFI system partition which contains SYSLINUX
> and a complete little GNU/Linux system.
> So the early boot technology on EFI is very different from Debian's.
> If it can be confirmed that the problem is actually in GRUB, not in
> Linux, then we'd have a good reason to ask Klaus Knopper to release
> Knoppix 8 as ISO image.

So, as far as I understand, Debian live isos will also probably fail and all I
can do is waiting for Knoppix 8 iso image to be downloadable...