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Re: Trying to install Debian on Acer One 10 laptop-tablet


Rodolfo Medina wrote:
> I downloaded Knoppix and burned it onto DVD support, but unfortunately
> it seems no possible to boot the machine from DVD: no such
> option in start up boot menu.

If it's Knoppix 7, then it will only boot via BIOS or EFI Legacy BIOS
Knoppix 8 has boot entries for EFI. But it seems still only available
on the german Linux Magazin DVD for DELUG members.

The symptoms described in this thread appear to happen already when GRUB
is still in control and offers its boot menu. Or did i get this wrong ?

If it happens in GRUB, then Knoppix 8 would be a highly interesting
alternative. Unlike nearly all other distros it does not use GRUB for EFI
booting but rather offers an EFI system partition which contains SYSLINUX
and a complete little GNU/Linux system.
So the early boot technology on EFI is very different from Debian's.

If it can be confirmed that the problem is actually in GRUB, not in
Linux, then we'd have a good reason to ask Klaus Knopper to release
Knoppix 8 as ISO image.

Have a nice day :)