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Re: Downgrading specific packages with apt

On 11-06-17, solitone wrote:
> On Sunday, 11 June 2017 08:39:25 CEST Lisi Reisz wrote:
> > please, Solitone, let me and the list know what I am supposed to have said.
> No Lisi, I don't have more info than the list regarding what you supposedly said on this 
> topic  :-)
> In any case, I've just removed the hold on the 4 chromium packages and upgraded. 
> Everything's fine, chromium 59 does not have the issue that chrome 59 has.
> In case I had to downgrade, I would have uninstalled those 4 packages, and reinstalled 
> version 58 with dpkg, using the .deb files stored in /var/cache/apt/archives. 
> I'm wonder whether Dejan's suggestion actually works:
> # apt-get install package=package-version-number
> Whenever I try it I always get something like this:
> # apt install chromium=58.0.3029.96-1 
> I believe this means the old version is no longer available in the repository. So if you want 
> to downgrade you need to have the package stored locally. But where do you find old 
> packages in case you no longer have them in /var/cache/apt/archives?

In case that you are on stable, perhaps in old stable repository, or its
backports, after you add those to sources.list. Perhaps you will need to
use another option with it too, like --allow-downgrades. I've suggested
it only because you were asking how to do it with apt, otherwise I would
tell you to use dpkg method and to check archives.