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Re: Choose between amd64 and i386

Le 10/06/2017 à 15:41, Rodolfo Medina a écrit :
Pascal Hambourg <pascal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Did the installer start in EFI or BIOS/legacy mode ?

Did you try all combinations of the following ?
- BIOS/legacy boot mode or EFI boot mode
- text-mode install or GUI install
- 32-bit install or 64-bit install

With USB Debian installation pendrive plugged in, pressing power button
together with volume up takes me into the front page of the PC settings: there

 ->Boot Manager
 ->Device Manager
 ->Boot From File
 ->Administer Secure Boot
 ->Setup Utility

I enter `Boot Manager', and there are two possible options:

 Windows Boot Manager
 EFI USB Device (General UDisk)

These are EFI only boot entries. So it is likely that the Debian installer booted in EFI mode.

I have had display trouble with some machines in EFI mode.
You may explore the setup options to see it there is an option to enable legacy BIOS boot (aka CSM). This should make a new entry "Legacy USB device" available in the boot manager.

I tried with both Install and `64 bit install', and also, now, with `64 bit
graphical install'; and, in all those cases, what happens is that the image
becomes confused and the keyboard sticks and no command is more possible.

The next step would be to select "expert install", GUI or not. It should display a lot of kernel messages before switching to the frame buffer or GUI installer menu. If it does not, then the kernel freeze happens very early in the boot process.