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Re: Choose between amd64 and i386

On 06/10/2017 10:50 AM, Rodolfo Medina wrote:
Richard Owlett <rowlett@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

On 06/10/2017 08:41 AM, Rodolfo Medina wrote:
Pascal Hambourg <pascal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Le 07/06/2017 à 10:33, Rodolfo Medina a écrit :

Some months ago I tried many times to install Debian on my Debian
Acer One ...


Did you try all combinations of the following ?
- BIOS/legacy boot mode or EFI boot mode
- text-mode install or GUI install
- 32-bit install or 64-bit install

[large snip]

Then I try to reboot with power button but the machine remains
for many hours in that state...  Then after many hours it turns off...

I am NOT familiar with any Acer product. However, there is a useful feature
in my assortment of Lenovo laptops and one desktop. It might be described as
a "panic stop". It is triggered by pressing and holding the power button. It
is *BRUTE* force and regularly causes Debian to run a disk diagnostic on the
next boot. You might check Acer documentation or user group for a similar

Thanks...  but, as I described, Debian doesn't even manage to start up on that
machine...  and that's my problem...  I don't use Windows and so the machine is
there permanently unused, waiting and hoping for next Debian releases to work
in the next - not too far - future...

I made a second post almost simultaneous to you composing the post to which I am now responding.

In that post I was suggesting using a Live ISO to distinguish general hardware issues from strictly installer issues.

I suggest using

It is a command line only version of Debian -the lowest common denominator approach to what will run on your hardware.