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Re: initramfs-tools - forgotten change?

On Sat 10 Jun 2017 at 15:46:14 (+0200), Hans wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> I believe, this is what happened:

I don't know what the patch (in the OP) is or who Ben is (but I assume
they post from 4ax.com or decadent.org.uk).

I can only give a data point, with no particular insight into
its generation.

> Most people will have 
> /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume
> file, which has  a "RESUME=" content. So it will be the same, as set in 
> initramfs.conf. This "resume"-file (I believe, but I am not sure!) was some day 
> created by package uswsusp (If I am wrong. please correct me!)

My Dell laptop hibernates and wakes up when you close and open the
lid. None of my computers has knowingly installed uswsusp (no logs,
no archived dpkg -l listing), and there's no trace of it in my
apt-cacher-ng cache.

On the Dell, the resume file has been edited to RESUME=LABEL=john04
where john04 is a (presently unused) swap partition, and that is
reflected in its initrd.img.

> So, no people do see a difference, because a variable RESUME= exists, either 
> with /dev/sdaX or UUID=somewhatever.
> I checked a fresh installation of initramfs-tools (0.130) and latest uswsusp: 
> None of these installation creates  
> /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume
> file. So, maybe this should be checked and confirmed somehow. 
> I also found out, that it is recommended, to use UUID entries in /etc/fstab, 
> otherwise you get some warnings. However, they do not harm. They are like:
> cryptsetup: can not find canonical name for /dev/sda3
> I suppose, this is well known and not important in this case.

I haven't used cryptsetup, nor seen warnings. My /etc/fstab files
use LABELs for ext partitions as a matter of course.

> As far as I tested, adding RESUME=auto in initramfs.conf did find my swap 
> device. Hibernation (=suspen-to-disk) is working but Resume from swap is still 
> not working. This is also another story, and might not be involved in this one 
> (especially, because at boot the resume device IS FOUND, and the saved image 
> IS loaded, but THEN crashes).  So, do not look at this bug, just wanted to 
> mention it.
> Back to my state: People should make sure. if there is a "resume" file, because 
 I believe, a fresh installation does not create one. Instead, the debian 
> installer would do, but neither initramfs-tools-package, nor uswsusp-package 
> don't. The latter one previous did create one and edited it, too. Now this 
> configuration option is no more called again by dpkg-reconfigure (as it did 
> before!)

My data point is concerned with this last paragraph. I recently
installed stretch RC3 on this Acer 386 laptop. The installation
is just about the minimum possible, an expert install with nothing
selected in the Software selection screen.

/etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume was installed and contains the
correct UUID for the laptop's swap partition. I don't see what
creates the file at first sight, but don't intend trying to follow
the calls in the installation scripts. /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/
is created when unpacking the initramfs-tools or initramfs-tools-core
version 0.130 deb, I assume. IIUC mkinitramfs creates the resume file
in the initrd, but I don't know about the /etc file.

Installation idiosyncrasies disclaimer: I didn't select a swap
space at installation time. Between the Partition disks step and
the Install the base system step, I executed # swapon /dev/sda4
in a shell because this laptop only has ½GB memory. I do observe
that its /etc/fstab doesn't mention swap, only the root filesystem
and the optical drive. The system is virgin, not having been booted
since installation; just the 248 installed packages.