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Re: initramfs-tools - forgotten change?

Hi Ben,

I believe, this is what happened:

Most people will have 


file, which has  a "RESUME=" content. So it will be the same, as set in 
initramfs.conf. This "resume"-file (I believe, but I am not sure!) was some day 
created by package uswsusp (If I am wrong. please correct me!)

So, no people do see a difference, because a variable RESUME= exists, either 
with /dev/sdaX or UUID=somewhatever.

I checked a fresh installation of initramfs-tools (0.130) and latest uswsusp: 
None of these installation creates  


file. So, maybe this should be checked and confirmed somehow. 

I also found out, that it is recommended, to use UUID entries in /etc/fstab, 
otherwise you get some warnings. However, they do not harm. They are like:

cryptsetup: can not find canonical name for /dev/sda3

I suppose, this is well known and not important in this case.

As far as I tested, adding RESUME=auto in initramfs.conf did find my swap 
device. Hibernation (=suspen-to-disk) is working but Resume from swap is still 
not working. This is also another story, and might not be involved in this one 
(especially, because at boot the resume device IS FOUND, and the saved image 
IS loaded, but THEN crashes).  So, do not look at this bug, just wanted to 
mention it.

Back to my state: People should make sure. if there is a "resume" file, because 
I believe, a fresh installation does not create one. Instead, the debian 
installer would do, but neither initramfs-tools-package, nor uswsusp-package 
don't. The latter one previous did create one and edited it, too. Now this 
configuration option is no more called again by dpkg-reconfigure (as it did 

Hope, this make things a little bit clearer.

Best regards