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Re: Compiler segfault when building the kernel

On Fri, Jun 9, 2017 at 7:58 AM, Celejar <celejar@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Any ideas? Is this a bug I should be filing against kernel-package (or
> anywhere else)?

Two things

1) Does the problem go away if you upgrade to the latest compiler?
Based on the error message, I believe you are using gcc 4.9? But it is
not clear to me what the exact version of the compiler is and the
debian distribution you are using.

2) The very fact the the compiler is failing with an "internal"
compiler error indicates that it is a bug in the compiler. I would
report it against the compiler package. But before you report, try to
reproduce the problem with as smaller test case as possible. If you
just say, my kernel compilation is failing with "internal compiler
error" it will be very difficult to reproduce by others and will take
longer for it to be fixed.

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