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Re: Downgrading specific packages with apt

I made best progress by using aptitude. However, you have to look at the 
dependencies yourself. 

How to handle:
- Start aptitude with ncurses gui. 
- Mark the required to the former available version.
- Look at the dependencies, you my have to set the dependend libs also to 
former versions
- double check, if all dependencies are fullfilled
- install

Hint: Synaptic offers an option, to save all installed packages with versions 
in a file. Thus you can reinstall your package state to a further time. Note, 
that of course the package version have to be still in the repo.

You can also save the state of all packages with dpkg if you can not use 
synatic (i.e. on a server without X), but as far as I know, the version is not 
been saved with (someone may correct me, if I am wrong here and the version 
can be saved, too). 

Hope this helps.

Good luck!