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Re: ifconfig network resolution

On Sat, Jun 10, 2017 at 3:52 PM, Pascal Hambourg <pascal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Le 10/06/2017 à 03:57, Joel Rees a écrit :
>> Experimenting from the command line, I find myself puzzled about the
>> arguments for ifconfig.
>> Reading the manual, it would appear that the arguments for ifconfig
>> should be something like this:
>>     ifconfig eth0 netmask netmask
>> broadcast
>> But the command returns with
>> SIOCSIFNETMASK: Can't allocate this address.
>> SIOCSIFBRDADDR: Can't allocate this address.
> You set the mask twice.

Actually, I did not set the the mask twice, I just typed it it twice. ;/

I hand-typed it from memory, as I noted in my followup.

But I did check, and I get the same kinds of results when I without
typing extra parameters.

> The address must be set before the mask and broadcast address.

Now there's another puzzle, because the man page indicates that the
address should come after the options.

I had been used to typing it before the options, and was getting the
same kind of results with the address before the parameters, I think.

Joel Rees

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