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Re: Reply-to-all or reply-to-list again

On Sat, Jun 10, 2017 at 12:57 AM, Nicolas George <george@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Le primidi 21 prairial, an CCXXV, The Wanderer a écrit :
>> Disagreed. This results in sending extra copies to people who are
>> subscribed to the list, which is incorrect.
> Not if the list is properly configured.
> Debian's lists are badly configured, it results in burden to all users,
> but the users should reject that burden. I do.
> I will not answer Gene's message, he obviously missed the whole point of
> my mail.
> Regards,
> --
>   Nicolas George

There was a time when mailing lists were e-mail, and newsgroups were
newsgroups. Newsgroups have unfortunately mostly gone the way of the
dodo, and mailing list participants want the mailing lists to behave like

And Now Google Doesn't Think Users Should Ever Set Headers.

Progress is progress.

Joel Rees

One of these days I'll get someone to pay me
to design a language that combines the best of Forth and C.
Then I'll be able to leap wide instruction sets with a single #ifdef,
run faster than a speeding infinite loop with a #define,
and stop all integer size bugs with a bare cast.

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