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Re: Debian installation issues

On 9 June 2017 at 20:59, Fungi4All <fungilife@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Here is some relevant reading of installing linux system besides Win8 and in some cases the same problem exists on Win 10.

​I read through some of this.  If I understood it correctly, if you buy a machine that comes with e.g. Windows 10 installed for you then this secure boot feature would make it difficult to boot and install certain Linux distributions - but some versions of Ubuntu might be OK apparently.

But if you would buy such a machine, do you not also get the Windows key codes for the OS.......?????

If you do, then could you not just back up the work files on the installation and then uninstall Windows and reinstall it with the secure boot feature turned off and then install the Linux distro of your choice?

When I get a new PC I specifically request that it has no operating system on it and then install everything from scratch.

I have not encountered this problem as yet.




Ok, MS did what they did, but manufacturers accepted this and incorporated it into their product which you pay.
It is like paying for an MS only system without knowing it.