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Re: Debian installation issues


On Fri, 9 Jun 2017 14:34:47 +0100
Michael Fothergill <michael.fothergill@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > I am willing to bet the image written through rufus is fine, your
> > problem is booting up from usb as people have mentioned before.  I
> > like to assume that you did not install win10 in an older pc but
> > bought a recent pc with win10 in it. The following will not help you
> > "fix your problem" but it is more like talking about THE problem so
> > your frustration is not misdirected to the wrong direction.
> > MS with win10, using the excuse of a protection of your system,
> > managed to effectively block other systems of getting installed next
> > to win10.
> >
> ​Is this really the case?  I use windows 10 and it does not stop me
> running a triple boot system on a single disk.
> Try using grub2win: https://sourceforge.net/projects/grub2win/  -
> install it in windows 10 and play around with it and see if you can get
> it to see your usb stick.

A while ago I installed linux (not debian, but I don't think that matters
here) onto a laptop with a pre-installed win10, there was not any problem
with the EFI/BIOS finding the usb thumb drive with the installer iso and
booting into it. Hence I doubt that the OP's problem is that windows
prevents him from booting the install media. I did not follow this thread
closely from the beginning, but I believe it is more likely that either
the installer drive was not set up correctly or that some Efi/Bios
setting is not correct. Or maybe it is one of these odd devices that have
been discussed here a couple of days ago in a different thread, which are
64bit machines with a 32bit EFI.



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