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Re: Reply-to-all or reply-to-list again (was: https_port)

On Friday 09 June 2017 10:47:29 Nicolas George wrote:

> Le primidi 21 prairial, an CCXXV, Charlie Kravetz a écrit :
> > When replying to the mailing list, hit reply. Do not use "Reply to
> > All", since that sends individual emails to the person you are
> > answering.
> This recommendation is unsustainable and should be eliminated from the
> guidelines. It only exists because the mailing-list server is not
> configured correctly.
> The reply-to-list feature is flawed because it requires the user to
> give special attention each time "am I replying to a personal mail or
> to a mailing-list"? The correct behaviour should be the default,
> always, because that is the only way to minimize mistakes. This is
> what happens with mailing-list servers properly configured.
> When replying to a mail, any mail, use reply-to-all, unless you
> actively know you want to reply to an unusual subset of recipients.
> (But heed the reply-to headers, of course.)
> If somebody complain, tell them to set up their mail headers, just as
> I did mine.
> Regards,

Or use an email agent that does properly support a "reply to mailing 
list" function.  Such as this old kmail still included as part of the 
tde (trinity) desktop.

I do not use the reply-all format unless I am aware the OP is not 
subscribed. Those mailing lists I am subscribed to that do not require 
the poster to be subscribed are also flooded with spam.  And debian-user 
is one such list, and because of that, and my ISP's reject policy, I get 
threats from bendel of being unsubscribed because of bounces. It will 
never happen because when I get the bounce msg from bendel, its obvious 
why mail.shentel.net rejected it.  IMO debian needs to fix that, but its 
been made very clear that they will not go to a subscription required to 
post model.  Ever.  Sigh....  It is what it is.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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