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Re: Reply-to-all or reply-to-list again (was: https_port)

UTC Time: June 9, 2017 2:47 PM
From: george@xxxxxxxx
To: Charlie Kravetz <cjk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Le primidi 21 prairial, an CCXXV, Charlie Kravetz a écrit :
> When replying to the mailing list, hit reply. Do not use "Reply to
> All", since that sends individual emails to the person you are
> answering.

This recommendation is unsustainable and should be eliminated from the
guidelines. It only exists because the mailing-list server is not
configured correctly.

The reply-to-list feature is flawed because it requires the user to give
special attention each time "am I replying to a personal mail or to a
mailing-list"? The correct behaviour should be the default, always,
because that is the only way to minimize mistakes. This is what happens
with mailing-list servers properly configured.

right before I replied to xorriso Thomas and the reply went personal.  I hit reply
to this message and it is going to the list.  So I agree with you, it is always 
easier to delete the unwanted than to edit an addition and/or both.

When replying to a mail, any mail, use reply-to-all, unless you actively
know you want to reply to an unusual subset of recipients. (But heed the
reply-to headers, of course.)

I think it seems affected by the post of each member and transmits some
but not all headers for threading.  I can't explain it otherwise.
Even if the list was misconfigured it should have been consistent for all
messages and all recipients.  Here we have supernatural evidence of ghost
in the machine.
Whatever happened to bounce instead of forward?  Is it illegal now?  Is this
list utilizing this action, bouncing instead of trimming and forwarding?

If somebody complain, tell them to set up their mail headers, just as I
did mine.

and some laxatives for side dish.

Nicolas George