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Reply-to-all or reply-to-list again (was: https_port)

Le primidi 21 prairial, an CCXXV, Charlie Kravetz a écrit :
> When replying to the mailing list, hit reply. Do not use "Reply to
> All", since that sends individual emails to the person you are
> answering.

This recommendation is unsustainable and should be eliminated from the
guidelines. It only exists because the mailing-list server is not
configured correctly.

The reply-to-list feature is flawed because it requires the user to give
special attention each time "am I replying to a personal mail or to a
mailing-list"? The correct behaviour should be the default, always,
because that is the only way to minimize mistakes. This is what happens
with mailing-list servers properly configured.

When replying to a mail, any mail, use reply-to-all, unless you actively
know you want to reply to an unusual subset of recipients. (But heed the
reply-to headers, of course.)

If somebody complain, tell them to set up their mail headers, just as I
did mine.


  Nicolas George

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