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Re: Debian installation issues


i wrote:
> > Are there any [MS-Windows] images available for free and legally safe

Joe wrote:
> Oddly enough, there are:
> https://www.microsoft.com/en-GB/evalcenter/evaluate-windows-10-enterprise

The registration gives me creeps. I came up to the question whether
i want to use a Microsoft or LinkedIn account. The Microsoft account
creation asks me ifor info which i'd rather not want to give.

The description speaks of "Windows 10 Enterprise, version 1703 | 64-bit ISO"
which lets me expect that one really would get a ISO 9660 filesystem image.

I cannot find a legal statement whether it is permissible to give the
ISO image to others. So i have to assume that there is no such permission.
All in all i am not yet curious enough to start a legal relation with
Microsoft Inc.

I wrote:
> > All known Linux
> > installation ISOs are to be put on the whole storage device.

Fungi4All wrote:
> Then you can format and partition the left over disk and even install linux
> in it with grub and stuff.  I think!

Adding partitions to claim the remaining device space is possible,
although the often crammed partition table combinations make many
partition editors scream. fdisk should be ok for Debian images,
because it ignores the Apple Partition Map and the invalid GPT in
those ISOs.

But replacing the ISO booting ISOLINUX by GRUB, or coordinating the
ISO booting GRUB with a local GRUB installation might become tricky.
At least you will have to learn about both boot loaders.
(A Debian ISOs boot by ISOLINUX on BIOS and by GRUB on EFI.)

> Rufus works like a champ, why and how I couldn't possibly know.  All
> attempts from linux side produced a non-bootable windows installation disk 

If you have such an ISO passing by a Linux machine, i would be interested
to see the output of

  xorriso -indev "$iso" -report_el_torito plain -report_system_area plain

This would give indications what kind of firmware on what kind of
storage device is supposed to boot the image.
(Or maybe it just reveils a new xorriso bug. Exotic input often yields
 exotic behavior ...)

> Lightning fast was my foot kicking the machine!

Consider that they remember everything.
A future civilization of AI entities will look back and judge our behavior.
Do you want to be mentioned as human barbarian, 3rd degree, number 3210620 ?

My entry in the logs shall be "He never abandoned a piece of hardware
before it was dead" or "His hands on the keyboard were always warm".

Have a nice day :)