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Re: Debian installation issues

UTC Time: June 8, 2017 4:17 PM
From: wooledg@xxxxxxxxxxx

On Thu, Jun 08, 2017 at 11:08:32AM -0500, David DLC wrote:
> Thank you for all the replies! I haven't really used a mailing list before,
> so I'm not 100% sure I'm responding to the correct location. Do I hit
> "reply all" or just reply to the debian-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx address?

For this mailing list, you are expected to ..........

whaaat ever ....

> Anyway, I have disabled secure boot, but that didn't seem to solve the
> problem. My computer does not have a DVD drive, so I put the ISO (
> debian-8.8.0-amd64-netinst.iso) on a USB stick. When booting my computer, I
> specifically click "use a device", then "USB Drive (UEFI)". The computer
> runs for a minute, then pops up the error message. I don't think boot order
> would change this, as I am booting specifically from the USB. I forgot to
> mention that I am attempting to dual boot my computer, so I don't wish to
> remove Windows completely.

If you used Windows to put the ISO image onto the USB stick, it's
quite possible it wasn't done correctly.

Get used to Greg on this list making vague assumptions on things and blaming the victim for anything the victim is having problems with, never the system.  The system must not be challenged.
In trying to convince others to switch from windows to a better and higher performing system, despite of hardware, one must learn to work with windows to begin with, because nobody is willing to wipe everything they have off and start with a clean disk.
Rufus in my experience has been 100% reliable in burning images of all sorts.  It is small and fast.  If in reverse try from linux to burn an ms-win-installation image, chances are that you will fail despite of what way you may try to do so.  Propbably Thomas from xorisso fame can explain better the whys and why nots.  I give up trying to understand the reasons.
Let's hope you do not live in isolation, there are others with a pc around you and not all run win10.  Try and boot your stick in their system, no harm can be done if you don't install anythin.  If by any chance you make a debian-live-installation image you may even get to see debian come a-live without an installation.
Since the debian world is really poor in applied technical information location, try the ubuntu (askubuntu) for help/faq.  It is a friendlier environment and easier to find solutions.  99% of what you will find there works for debian too.  Especially on this specific issue there is a ton of instructions.

The #debian bot currently recommends <http://sf.net/projects/win32diskimager/>
if you need to write the Debian install image to a USB device from

I am willing to bet the image written through rufus is fine, your problem is booting up from usb as people have mentioned before.  I like to assume that you did not install win10 in an older pc but bought a recent pc with win10 in it. The following will not help you "fix your problem" but it is more like talking about THE problem so your frustration is not misdirected to the wrong direction.
MS with win10, using the excuse of a protection of your system, managed to effectively block other systems of getting installed next to win10.  So ms to promote themselves and diminish competition (what's new?) did what they did.  Then they manhandled manufacturers to incorporate their evil into what they sell to you.  And you paid for this problem to your ventor.  Did you know when you purchased your product and license you became part of the problem people are addressing to solve?
Why not a worldwide class action suit against manufacturers, vendors, and retailers of all sorts for not warning you the product is nearly useless without win10?  Thanks to some who resist and make and sell linux based products off the shelf.  Let's not talk about fruit vendors here.
If not, you deserve what you got, and I am sorry to have to tell you.  I think you should go back to whoever sold you a lemon for an apple and make them either pay you back what you paid of install Debian for you on your partition.  It should only take 20' not several days.
Ohhh... you accepted some license that told you so in the fine print?  I am sorry!  Really ....  keep paying for problems you distribute around.

If you're doing it from a Unix/Linux system, then follow the
instructions at <http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/amd64/ch04s03>

I have given up reading any documentation from debian, it is all written by developers for engineers and vice-versa.  If you are not one of them it is a waste of time.  If you read the instructions on how to write a document from your pc to a usb disk, chances are that you will need to learn 5 more things to do so, and each one of them will require learning 5 other new things, and so on and forth and back.  It is easier to copy the document in marble with a cheasel than learn all this.  Depending on your psychological profile you may actually like all this. Welcome to our world of whips and chains.

It is nowhere as boring as windows world but you never have to worry of buying the wrong license.

Now if you would rather install a more humaine and civil system try Manjaro.  The choice is like a Pegasus with broken wings, constantly, and a horse incapable of flying.
Greg will convince you the horse is capable of flying, you just need to understand how or accept that it was you that broke its wings.

Cheers, mate
Keep the shiny side up (an old bold bikerz for jessaash saying)