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Re: Creating a deb package from source

Comprofix Lists wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> I have been googling but not having much luck :(
> I am looking from some advice on how to create a deb package from
> source. All the guides and wiki articles I have found have been missing
> information, some mention using dh_make, others mention pbuilder, some
> mention using a chroot. But what if I want to do an X11 app? Should I
> use a VM for this? I don't want to screw with my daily driver too much.
> *** This is only a learning experience. So I can learn how packages are
> created with a view to one day be able to update packages, patch
> packages and contribute back.
> If anyone can offer advice on where to start or point me in the right
> direction if would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Matt

 as it was explained already if the code was not debianized (there is no
debian directory) you need to do dh_make and edit the files.

I started time ago with this 

and then you would use debuild - look into the man page

You can build X apps in chroot as well. I usually have VM where I can test
them after they were build and before installing them on my computer.