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Re: Creating a deb package from source

On Thu, Jun 08, 2017 at 11:00:35PM +1000, Comprofix Lists wrote:
> I am looking from some advice on how to create a deb package from
> source. All the guides and wiki articles I have found have been missing
> information, some mention using dh_make, others mention pbuilder, some
> mention using a chroot. But what if I want to do an X11 app? Should I
> use a VM for this? I don't want to screw with my daily driver too much.

The reason for pbuilder, chroots etc. is to isolate the build from your
environment, not your environment from the build: it's to catch missing
dependencies (stuff you didn't realise or forgot the build depended upon
that you have installed).

When starting out, or working on a private package, you can prepare the
package sources on your normal machine without the isolation of a chroot
or using pbuilder. But if you want to get it into the archive (or up to
that level of quality) you will need to look at those tools. They aren't
essential for beginning.

dh_make is a simple tool to generate a basic ./debian directory within
your application source. It's a faster way to get something that you can
then adjust to your needs; however, if you really want to understand how
all the various bits work, you can instead try to create everything from
scratch (start with debian/control, debian/changelog and debian/rules as
a bare minumum).

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